About us

IMG_4831A Piece Of Organic Ltd. (APOO) 源於2012年7月,我們分店位於銅鑼灣及旺角,並設有網上售後服務、郵寄服務以及香港電視網上商店等。另外,我們會不定期在大學設短期推廣優惠,或定期舉辦不同的快閃點。





A Piece Of Organic Ltd. (APOO) was founded in July 2012. Within these nine years, we have established 3 branches in Hong Kong, as well as becoming an exclusive distributor in Macau. In recent years, we have expanded our business to Taiwan and other places.

Our branches are located in Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and Tuen Mun. We also provide online after-sales services, mailing services and an HKTVMALL online store. In addition, we will set up short-term promotional discounts at universities or Pop-up Stores.

APOO produces pure natural skin care products using natural plant materials, gently and meticulously nourishes skin. We refuse to use unnecessary additives in our product, blending our brand with simple packaging design and natural plant materials; our products emphasize on excluding chemical substances, chemical alcohol, mineral oil and pigments. They are also cruelty -free and will not be tested on animals.

In the future, APOO will keep bringing surprises to everyone with our first-rate services and outstanding products by using the highest quality of natural ingredients.


Special notice:

APOO has been affected by the epidemic since 2020, as the raw materials of our products are from Europe, America and Taiwan. These countries are greatly affected by the severe epidemic, which has caused logistics difficulty and shortage of some raw materials. That has resulted in delayed delivery on some of our orders. In addition, some products are out of stock and will be removed from our shelves. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.